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Some questions related with Alluxio???

Md Mahbub Alam
(Q1) Currently, I am running Alluxio-1.2.0 on 4-Node Cluster (1-Master, 3-Worker). When I copied any file into Alluxio, I saw that it creates two copies of a file. One is inside the /underFSStorage of Master(full file) and another copy is inside the /mnt/ramdisk/alluxioworker of workers. My question is If I read this file from Alluxio, it will read from which copy?

(Q2) Does Alluxio use any indexing technique(e.g. BTree) to store the file? If not, is there any idea to add indexing on Alluxio file data?

(Q3) Today I read the following lines from the Alluxio latest version of installation guideline. As I am currently using Alluxio local file system for my clusters, is that mean distributed operation not working on the local file system?

"You cannot use local file system as Alluxio’s under storage system if there are multiple nodes in the cluster. Instead, you need to set up a shared storage to which all Alluxio servers have access. The shared storage can be network file system (NFS), HDFS, S3, and so on."

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