Is it possible to use "s3cmd" on Alluxio?

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Is it possible to use "s3cmd" on Alluxio?

Jihoon Oh
Hello, I just have been test Alluxio community edition.

I'd like to test s3 cli by s3cmd instead of s3 client (

my .s3cfg is like below.

access_key = accessKey2
secret_key = verySecretKey2
host_base =
host_bucket = % (bucket).
signature_v2 = False
use_https = False

and, conf/ is like below.


After that, I tested "runTests" on alluxio worker. It is works well.

But, I couldn't check the s3cmd command because of error
$ s3cmd mb s3://tes
ERROR: S3 error: 405 (HTTP method PUT is not supported by this URL)

Is it possible to use s3cmd?

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