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Coming patch release 1.8.1

Bin Fan
Dear Alluxio users,

I am pleased to annouce that a patch release 1.8.1 is on the way in a few weeks
to address bugs or issues in Alluxio 1.8.0, which was released on July 9th.

During the past two months, our core dev team has been working closely
with the community and we have addressed a number of issues identified or reported.

Please let me know if there is any issue you have seen in 1.8 still pending and you 
really want it resolved in 1.8.1. We will follow up with you and set the appropriate priority. 
Note that, this patch release does not aim to introduce new features
but simply targeting fix issues seen in 1.8.0, so existing 1.8.0 users can smoothly upgrade to

I will update here on the agenda on the patch release when more details are finalized.


- Bin

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