Alluxio v1.1.0 Release Candidate (RC4)

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Alluxio v1.1.0 Release Candidate (RC4)

Dear Alluxio users and developers, 

I'm glad to announce the release candidate (RC4) of Alluxio 1.1.0. This release candidate aims to provide significant improvement in performance and usability on top of Alluxio 1.0, and bug fixes on top of Alluxio 1.1.0-RC2. 

If you are an Alluxio user, you can help us test this release by taking an older version Alluxio / Tachyon workload and running on this release candidate, then reporting any issues or regressions. Based on your testing, give a "+1" vote in this email thread if you are happy with the result; otherwise, please give a "-1",  explain the reason and describe the issues or regressions from 1.0.1 or earlier releases. 

To access the source code, a tag of this release candidate on github can be found at

To use and test this version, please refer to the documentation corresponding to this release candidate:

- Bin Fan

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